Modern Arcade For Retro Gamers With Style

The fact that the glory days of Arcade have ended makes us sad, yet, the whole idea of relieving the past by taking the fun home makes this a great time to live in.

Arcades are back, and this time, in your living-room with modern, sleek design. Now you can relieve some 80’s classics such as Galaga or Pac-man, while still looking great in the house. This modern arcade machine has a 20? screen, a working coin mechanism, and classic controls. It might not be the best option for fighting games, but will do for the classics!

The machine uses Jamma standard, which means any typical arcade game board can be plugged in (the ones that use a vertical screen position, at least).  Another good option is to just put a PC inside running a MAME emulator… decisions, decisions. What would you do?

Source: Nerd Approved

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