Purposefulness of Shadow: King Of The Chairs

These have to be the coolest chairs ever to grace the planet in at least decades, that is, unless someone somewhere attached small jet engines to the legs of a chair thereby creating a levitating sitting ensemble, but that’s another story. An improbable story, but one that makes the “Purposefulness of Shadow” chair undisputed king of both visual appeal and usefulness. I say usefulness because the so called “3D shadow” – which is actually a second chair, placed underneath the first and giving the illusion of a shadow – will let anyone sitting down place their coat, bag or other accessories comfortably on it. Kind of like the compartment you’d find in some trains, but would never expect to stumble upon in a restaurant.

purposefulness of shadow 2 “Shadow is purposeful. Not only does this two dimensional adumbration create graphical cues, the shaded space between the shadow and the object also has numerous purposes.” Well there you have it, in more fancy words than I care to be familiar with. Let an architect do a designer’s job and you’ll find palpable 3D shadows placed under chairs in restaurants, not to mention adumbrations. “Visually, the “3D Shadow” disguises itself through optical illusion, bringing the focus to the minimal white chair.” Actually, the effect is both beautiful and unsettling. Extremely beautiful – and these chair will be catching glances and hypnotizing people for long stretches of time – but imagine a room full of objects built around the same principle – it would give you a headache rather quickly. Though fans of certain substances would love the decor. For more crazy things to lounge on, here’s the Tetris home design kit and the Ergonomic Gym Gym chair.