Amptweaker Launches New TightMetal Distortion Pedal

If you are one of those hardcore metal-stack musicians, then you might probably be looking for that perfect tone with well balanced harmonics but with the ability to stop those notes really fast, so that it can cope up with the dizzying fret-work; Amptweaker’s new TightMetal distortion pedal is aimed at achieving just the same!


Metal is characterized by the crazy guitar riffs, the heavy percussion and overdrive grunge vocals, making this kind of music very controversial, let alone the guys who play such extreme music. But often the amazing riffs that are played at insane speeds loose their charm, mostly because the effects processor is unable to keep up with the player’s mind-blowing speed. The new TightMetal distortion pedal produces a thicker and much heavier distortion, tweaked by a simple built-in output EQ curve, which can further be adjusted by the output Tone control, making it really easy to get a stack sound even through a small combo amp’s clean channel.


But what makes this pedal so special is its ability to stop the notes very quickly, which is achieved by a Noise Gate switch with an ultra quiet, quick decaying Chomp setting, which really helps a lot, especially when you are playing very quick riffs with a lot of palm-muted stops, characteristic of the kind of music you are playing.


There is also a Mid switch which helps get a more traditional metal rhythm sound and with a Thrash setting it gives a much deeper scooped mid tone. Although we have no clue as to what they are priced at, the site says that pre-ordering is now open. You should also check out the DigiTech BP355 or the new range of Doubleneck Guitars by Villette.