20 Items to Turn Your Home Into a Live Tetris Game

Colorful bricks of different shapes do not only make an addictive video game but also inspire beautiful designs.  Walyou’s list of 20 wonderful Tetris designs for home decoration is exactly what hardcore puzzle fans need to create a “sleep Tetris, play Tetris, drink Tetris” environment.

Tetris Furniture Design


Artists Diego Silvério and Helder Filipov  have created a beautiful and practical furniture design that utilizes different shapes of Tetris bricks to create storage space in an efficient and colorful way.

Tetris Shelves


Consisting of the quirky Z pieces, the beloved T pieces, and the infamous line pieces, the Tetris shelves provide endless arrangement possibilities. Surprisingly, what looks like the work of a seasoned designer here is actually a high school industrial design project created by Sharon Romang.

Tetris Shelves II


This is what happens when two geeks fall in love with each other: they make a geeky Tetris shelves design. Will is the mastermind behind this creation while her girlfriend Hannah Faye helped with painting. Made of MDF and hardboard, the shelves stand at 80cm at the tallest area.

Tetris Shelves III


Brave Space Design has introduced a line of Tetris shelves to prove that the five famous Tetris bricks are all you need to make the shelves. You just need to pick the shapes and the sizes of your choice and build the shelve that fits the exact requirement of your room.

Tetris Table Concept


This colorful Tetris table, created by Jared Kohn after years of playing Tetris  and design, will be perfect for your backyard garden or any picnic spot. Unfortunately, it’s still in concept stage.

Wooden Tetris Table


Unlike most of us, Jonas Samson knows how to make his gaming experience useful and created this cool wooden Tetris table. The table measures 100 x 40 x 40 cm and is made up from different types of wood which makes it look like a giant 3D version of the game.

3D Tetris Game Chair


Tetris tables doesn’t make much sense unless they come with Tetris chairs. This beautiful rainbow chair was designed by Gabriel Cañas and inspired by the classic game. Even though its breakthrough design is fascinating to look at, I wouldn’t call it comfortable until I can actually sit on it.

TAT-Tris Modular Seating


Created by a Singaporean designer Gaen Koh, this Tetris-inspired modular seating concept  is to help kids “work together” and “develop critical thinking skills” to build different structures.

Tetris Couch


There is no need to be jealous of the kids’ Tetris seating above once you get Stefano Grasselli’s Tetris couch. The set comprises of 8 pieces of different shapes and colors that can be arranged in different ways for different purposes just like the way you play Tetris.

Tetris Cushions


A couch must come with cushions and these ultra cute Tetris cushions are exactly what you need to put on your Tetris couch. The cushions were designed by Becky from Fantasticmio and were up for sale at Big On Bloor Festival.

Tetris Coffee Mug


Take a break from your Tetris game with a drink from this awesome Tetris mug. Decorated with Tetris’ famous pixel-styled bricks, the mug is up for grab at $12.99.

Tetris Coasters


The Tetris coasters set, consisted of of four slightly different variations, will get along perfectly well with your  Tetris mug at the price of only $12.

Tetris Blocks Ice Tray


Say Goodbye to the boring ice cubes  with this playful  Tetris Iceblox. Created by Czech designer Martin Zampach, the Iceblox will give you ice cubes in different geometric and Tetris brick shapes.

Tetris Dinnerware Plates Design


If “Drink Tetris” is not enough to satisfy your Tetris frenzy, the Tetris dinnerware plates are exactly what you need.  Designed by Seungyoub Oh, these esthetically styled plates are a guarantee to impress any guest at your party.

Tetris Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


Anyone who has ever felt bored to death while waiting for food to be served will immediately understand the benefits of this Tetris salt and pepper shaker set. The set, made by a Tetris girl called thinkchildthink, includes he P-shaped pepper grinder, S-shaped salt dispenser and the upside down T-shaped empty shaker.

Cross Stitch Tetris Magnets


Cross stitched by Jenna Dickes, these cute Tetris magnets will make you smile anytime you go to the refrigerator to grab some food. They are available at Etsy’s at only $6.75 for a set of 5.

Tetris Blanket


After drinking with Tetris mug and eating with Tetris dinnerware plates, you might want to go to sleep with this Tetris blanket. Created by Cislyn Smith, this beautiful craftwork  can fill up your bedroom, sofa and keep you warm at night.

Tetris Quilt


Playfully dubbed as Quiltris, this Tetris inspired quilt top measures 50 inches by 70 inches. It must have taken Spork Queen quite some effort to mix a variety of fabric colors – red, orange, yellow, light blue, dark blue, green, and purple.

Tetris Tiles


The Tetris tiles are one of few things that can keep any guest to your house faced-down. At an affordable price, the Tetris tiles will give your bathroom or kitchen interiors a new geeky look.

Decorative Colorful Tetris Blocks


Using simple bendy plastic skeleton with fleece glued on it and black lines painted on the borders, ElectricLemonade has created  a set of Decorative Tetris Blocks that can be used in leisure rooms in homes, offices and even schools.

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