6 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed the Workplace

When considering the vast changes that have taken over the workplace around the world over the past decade, it’s quite impressive. Employees can now communicate with co-workers around the globe, and direct supervisors can work in offices that are thousands of miles away from their direct reports. Some companies are eliminating offices altogether, saving money on rent and utilities by allowing employees to simply telecommute and work from other locations.

Cloud Technology

According to a recent study, experts predict that as 2015 draws to a close, more than 90 percent of large companies and government agencies will employ cloud technology. It has helped to alter the behaviours of business owners and employees around the world since cloud storage allows for storage and analysis of larger quantities of data.

Additionally, employees in any work location can get access to files and data, making it easier to collaborate on projects and meet deadlines. Since this form of storage doesn’t require any physical materials, such as discs or drives, it is also more environmentally friendly.

Video Conferencing

Workplace technology

Image via Flickr by Matthew Hurst

Gone are the days of waiting at home for a spouse to get home from work, since employees can now virtually work from anywhere at any time. This is a great progression for business owners, since it provides an option to save money on office space while improving employee satisfaction by eliminating stressful drives in commuter traffic.

It also makes it easier to communicate with global clients or vendors, since employees don’t have to be in the office to accommodate time zone differences. Instead, a CEO can video chat with the boss of another company early in the morning.

Networking Tools

There are a number of online networking tools that can help improve the workplace. Social media offers a great tool for marketing and increasing awareness about a brand, with some of the largest companies in the world using these options to increase revenue.

Additionally, social media friendships can help strengthen relationships between employees, which contributes to a more positive work environment. One question on the popular Gallup workplace survey discusses the importance of having a friend at work, and these networking tools can help.

Mobile Collaboration

There’s a lot of data that supports the role of team collaboration in the workplace. When employees work together, they can learn from one another and gain experience. It’s especially helpful when working with people of other cultures and beliefs, since it helps to provide a more open-minded view on business practices and projects.

With mobile options for collaborating, managers can assign projects for people around the world to work together, using tools such as video chatting and email. Mobile companies, such as BlackBerry, have kept up by adapting platforms to accommodate more users.

Change in Career Options

In addition to opening up the world of communication and networking in business, technological advancements have also drastically increased the number of jobs that are available. For example, just 15 years ago, a career in computer science or IT was not nearly as popular or profitable as it is currently. Thousands of students are learning more about these subjects in school, providing a better path into a thriving career that’ll continue to promise success as companies rely more and more on their resident computer experts.

Potential for Globalization

As lines of communication become more open, the world feels smaller. Employees can email or chat with fellow co-workers around the globe, making it easier to expand the company into other countries. Businesses that are able to successfully make this expansion have a higher growth potential, since there are millions of potential customers in other countries that can buy your product or service. With on-line shopping continuing to grow, offering a fully functional and secure website is crucial to maintaining a successful global presence.

As you look for ways to continue to improve your company’s success, look at how you and your staff members are using technology. Some of the most successful businesses around the world have been able to embrace technological advancements, helping them take advantage of the options and alternatives to traditional business practices that may not make sense in this day and age.