Razer working on their own Android console – goodbye, OUYA?

Razer, the experts in gadgets and controllers meant for gaming, are getting into the console business, specifically one running Android.

Razer console

By employing Google’s recently announced Android TV initiative, Razer hope to create a new console focused on games and android features. The console would arrive this fall, and would be capable of “streaming movies, music and other apps for large-screen entertainment”. Yet, they remark that the console has “an emphasis on gaming.” This is meant to compete with Amazon and Apple’s set-top boxes, in a way, but if Razer promises “hardcore” gaming, we’ll just have to wait and see. Could this console take the spot the OUYA never quite managed to get?

We don’t know a lot about what’s under the hood for Razer micro-console: they still need to clarify what the specs are gonna be, what the controls are gonna look like, the internal storage, or even the price. We know so little about it that they even joked about it saying that “In keeping with the spirit of Google I/O, we will not be discussing specific product details at this time.” Ha-ha?

Keeping in line with how little we know, the image you see illustrating this story is actually a render, and not the console itself. Now we know how Jon Snow feels… What we do know, though, is that the console will have some form of voice control, so maybe it will either pair with Android smartphones, or even have speakers built in the controllers like the Xbox One and PS4.

One thing that can’t be denied, though, is that Razer is one of the few companies that (right or wrong) seem to cater to the needs of hardcore gamers, so at least there’s that: a reputation they have to uphold. We’ll wait and see what news surface in the near future.

Source: Engadget

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