Monbaby Smart Button Is a Next-Gen Baby Monitor

Let’s be honest, baby monitors have been long overdue a redesign! Monbaby offers all the important aspects of your baby’s sleep and displays them on your smartphone, provided that you are in this smart button’s range.

Wearable tech now has a new target audience: babies. There are plenty of smartwatches and fitness trackers, already, so the world should probably try to makes some innovations in this compartment. Monbaby looks like an oversized button that collects data while your baby is sleeping and transmits it via Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone.

Had it been another kind of device and not one for monitoring children, the manufacturer could have taken into consideration another method of synchronization or another wireless technology for connecting the device to the smartphone. But since it’s babies that we’re talking about, it’s easy to understand why they went for Bluetooth.

You shouldn’t be away from your baby, so the device’s 200 ft (61 m) range is more than enough. However, the data collected by Monbaby is stored in the cloud, so the sleep patterns of your youngster can be easily shared with the other members of the family or with the doctor. Imagine that? A few years ago, such a device would have been unconceivable, and not it has the potential of being sold all over the world.

The device is powered by a coin cell battery that can be easily replaced in case it runs out. Regarding the compatibility of this device to the baby’s wardrobe, you shouldn’t worry. Monbaby can be easily attached to any clothes, and it does not influence the baby or his behavior in any way.

MonDevices, the developers of the Monbaby smart button, are looking on Kickstarter for the funds necessary for mass manufacturing their product. The goal of the campaign is not even that great, being set by the company at $10,000, so it should be easy to reach, especially considering that there are 49 more days to go at press time.

Early birds can secure a Monbaby button for their baby for just $79. The price includes the device itself and the iPhone app. It’s a pity that Mondevices hasn’t considered making the smart button compatible with Android from the start. Developing an Android app for Monbaby is conditioned by the campaign getting to $100,000.

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