Skoda Bulks Up Baby Strollers, Makes Them Adequate for Men

In an attempt to make baby strollers look more like monster trucks, Czech car manufacturer Skoda redesigned them. This move was made in the hope that strollers would become more attractive to men.

Taking the baby out for a walk seems to be among the many things that men avoid doing for their family. Maybe the color of the stroller is at fault, or maybe it’s the size. Skoda thought about both of these aspects and came up with a unique design for baby strollers that’s bold, to say the least.

Now don’t think that Skoda has suddenly turned its attention to baby strollers, discarding its long history as a car manufacturer. Oh no, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Volkswagen’s subsidiary from the Czech Republic designed this baby carriage and several other objects worthy of being used by people from Brobdingnag as part of the promotion for one of its newest cars, Octavia vRS.

The bulked-up buggy also has a name, according to Skoda UK, and that is vRS Mega Man-Pram. Out of the 1,000 men who took part in a survey, 76% admitted that they would take the baby out on a walk more often if the stroller had higher-specs. Talk about men who know what they want, eh? Skoda listened to their wishes and came up with a buggy that is worth writing home about.

Heidi Cartledge, head of marketing at Škoda UK, stated: “The ‘vRS Mega Man-Pram’ proves what you can do when you take the vRS vision off road and drive it straight into the nursery. We used it in the new Octavia vRS TV ad because we wanted to bring to life the idea of enhancing the performance of everyday objects. The high tech-buggy gives a tongue in cheek sense of what you could experience if you vRS’d your life.”

vRS Mega Man-Pram could compete against full-size cars any day of the week. Measuring two meters in height, this upgraded stroller packs wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension, 20 inch alloy wheels, oversized brake callipers, anti-stress grips and a headlamp beam in case you want to walk the baby at night. If those men won’t like this Skoda baby carriage either, I don’t know what could ever satisfy them.

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