Jon Marco Ticks Off Geeky ’80s Movies to Get to His Love

In the latest music video of Boston-based pop rock singer Jon Marco, the artist goes through a lot of classic movies to get his cherished one back.

From a certain point of view, it looks like the singer suffers from dissociative identity disorder and goes through each of his personalities to see which one his love prefers the most. The video starts with her leaving their bed, so they must have spent the night together… or something. The entire music video looks like a chase, but judging by the scenes, it doesn’t look like Jon Marco is going to kiss his Rhianna when he gets his hands on her.

When Jon Marco notices that Rhianna took off, he proceeds to chasing her. The first reference is to Back To The Future Part II, since that’s where Marty McFly uses a hoverboard. Unfortunately, Prince Charming isn’t that good at controlling his hoverboard and he smashes into a garbage can. Suddenly, the fairest of them all is seen riding a bike and Jon gets right behind her, with E.T. on his bicycle.

Next, they change their regular bicycles for Imperial speeder bikes, straight from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Remember that I said earlier that he seems keen to catch her, but not because he’d want to kiss her? Well, this is one of the scenes that supports my statement, as Jon shoots Rhianna’s 74-Z speeder bike, causing her to end up in the labyrinth from The Shining. This would be the second scene. Luckily, Rhianna finds a ventilation shaft and starts crawling inside it, while Jon follows her with a lighter in his hand and a scar above his left eye, much like John McClane did in the first Die Hard.

Ghostbusters is yet another one of the geeky movies from the ’80s that couldn’t have missed the list, as the next scene is a clear reference to it. Jon ends up on a bike, again, but this time he wears a suit and a bow tie because… you know, bow ties are cool!

The music video includes many other smart references to movies that marked a lot of people’s childhood. If you want to see all of them, you will have to watch the video. The credits start rolling halfway through the video, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as they also feature some hilarious bloopers.


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