Moshi Votrex Premium In-Ear Earphones [CES 2011]

Moshi’s Votrex in-ear earphones were designed for discerning ears that crave a resonating bass with extraordinary detail, and introduced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

These beautiful earphones feature Moshi Audio’s proprietary RigidBody driver housing aimed to deliver fast articulate bass without distortion.  The drive units consist of high-definition Neodymium drivers housed in sintered steel alloy which minimize cavity-induced coloration.  This design not only vastly improves low frequency extension, but also renders silky smooth highs.

Sonically optimized for Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, and Electronic genres, these earphones would be a solid choice for even Classical enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of Gustav Mahler’s bass motives.

The earphones also come with a custom silicone carrying case with cable management, which is almost a necessity when purchasing high-end earpieces. To store the earphones, simply insert the earplugs into the left and right slots respectively, then wind the cables around the case. To retrieve the earphones, start by pulling the cable and rotating the case. Then push out each of the earphones from their respective slots.

Moshi believes that ensuring a great fit in the ear is ensuring responsive and clear tones. To obtain meaningful bass from any in-ear headphones, a tight seal between the ear tip and your ear canal must be achieved and maintained.

Vortex’s lighter cable/heavier driver weight distribution enables the drivers to fit securely in your ears even when the cable is fully extended. To further ensure a secure yet comfortable fit, Vortex comes with 3 different sizes of hybrid-injection silicone ear tips as well as a set of memory-foam ear tips for optimal listening experience. It is also equipped with an iPhone compatible microphone for answering calls on the go while listening to your favorite tunes.

You can purchase Moshi Audio’s Votrex Premium In-Ear Earphones for $80 here.

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