Lenovo PC Mods [CES 2011]

Lenovo is telling it like it is saying, “It’s a mod, mod world”-at least according to its latest press stunt initiative dubbed “What’s your idea of fun?”

Trying to break free of its modest business-oriented image, Lenovo is showing it’s open-minded to creative computer designs after asking PC modders to deck out their various lines of laptops and desktops.

Back in August, Lenovo approached several of the world’s top PC modders and asked them to transform Lenovo PCs into some of the wildest laptops and desktops ever created. With a set budget and a PC provided by Lenovo, the race to create the coolest mod was off and running.

Below are a few of the PC modders’ unique creations, all strikingly original.

Design by Alex Wiley

Design by Peter Freudenberger

Design by Eazo Studio

For the uninitiated, a PC modder is an extremely talented and imaginative person who modifies and/or customizes typical notebook and desktop PCs into technological works of art. The PC modding community is a tight knit group of like-minded enthusiasts that pride themselves on the unique work that they do. In fact, much in the same way that Leonardo da Vinci kept detailed notes of his work, PC modders tend to post extremely detailed ‘worklogs’ that record every minute detail that went into creating their masterpiece.

It’s refreshing to see an enterprise-oriented company like Lenovo shine some light on a very different kind of artist – one who uses soldering irons and dremels as his or her paint brushes.

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Via: Lenovo Blogs