The Most Amazing Geeky Ornaments for The Holidays

With the Christmas nearby we are already thinking about presents, plans and preparations and one important element is the Christmas tree that we have to decorate. This doesn’t mean we have to be completely traditional and can choose some ornaments that will add more personality to our tree so here are some of the best geeky ornaments you can get.

Amazing Geeky Ornaments for The Holidays

These ornaments will make certain you will have a unique Christmas tree and due to their theme and awesome design you will be able to use them throughout the year as well since they look good by themselves.

Game of Thrones Ornament

What better theme for the winter than the popular series with its eternal slogan “winter is coming”? This Iron Throne is beautifully crafted and hangs from a chain, so it’s quite heavy (5 oz.), thus you have to be careful where you put it, but it will certainly add more flavor to your tree. You can purchase one for $9.99 which is a bargain given the amount of details.

Firefly Sculpted Ship Ornament

Serenity is all we should want for Christmas and the ship from the highly popular series Firefly gives us just that. The great thing about it is that once you hang from the tree it will seem to be flying so you will have your own Firefly-class ship for Christmas and you can hang if from the ceiling afterwards to look good the whole year. Get one for $9.99.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornament Set

It’s great to have some handmade items in your tree, so we included a few in this list as well and the perfect quartet to start with is the Ninja Turtles. You can get some personalized features on them as well and thus they are great gifts. The set costs $30.00.

Doctor Who TARDIS Lighted Ornament

The great thing about this ornament (aside from being really cheap at only $4.99) is that it comes with three batteries included and these power up a cycle of red, yellow, green, blue and violet lights. The base has an off switch and the lights add extra flavor to the ornament since it seems to be travelling through time when you look at it.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Glass Ornament

The amazing thing about this ornament is that you don’t even have to know about the TV series to appreciate it because it really fits the season. It is handcrafted and hand painted, making a great addition to your tree or a perfect gift for a fan of the show. Get it for $14.99.

Game of Thrones Helmet Ornaments Pack

The helmets of some of the greatest warriors in Game of Thrones are quite unique and you can buy a set of three that represent the helmet worn by the Hound, Ser Loras and the Kingsguard. There is a Chain aventail on the helm of Ser Loras the Knight of Flowers and they are made of resin with a height of 4”. You can get the whole pack for $19.99.

Hand Painted Starry Night Ornament

This glass ornament has an exploding TARDIS painting that was done in the style of Van Gogh, making it an officially licensed Doctor Who item. Each ornament is hand painted in the traditional Ne Qwa Li Bien technique (painted on the interior, which is really difficult to do) and they have a diameter of almost four inches. You can get one for $19.99.

Game of Thrones Resin Dragon Ornaments

These are safe to keep around trees, so you don’t have to worry about fires. Drogon, one of the three dragons from Game of Thrones is quite nice to hang in your Christmas tree and is a wonderful decoration throughout the year with the added bonus of now being on a sale for only $9.99.

Hallmark Star Wars Special Edition Blown Glass Ornaments

You can choose between a Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper ornament but we recommend picking one Vader ornament and decorating the rest of the tree with troopers to make it really awesome. They have a height of two and a half inches, so will work great for smaller trees as well. Get one for $7.99.

Hallmark Star Wars Special Edition Resin Ornaments

While the previous ones could break, these are much more durable and just as festive, coming up in four versions. You can choose from C-3PO, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and an R2-D2 decorated with some Rudolph antlers. Since this is the Christmas when we finally get episode seven of the saga this is the perfect way to celebrate. Each one costs $5.99.

Star Wars R2-D2 Lighted Indoor and Outdoor Lawn Ornament

Christmas decorations aren’t just about the tree, since the whole house has to get into the spirit and this R2-D2 ornament for your lawn will tell everyone that you are ready to welcome Santa Claus. The droid comes with a hat as well and it lights up. The height is of 29”, so it’s quite large and if you take off the hat it will make a great decoration even after the holidays. It costs $89.99.

Star Wars Lawn Ornament

Continuing the idea of ornaments for the whole house, this AT-AT will stand out on your lawn as a great addition and since it is made of durable resin you can leave it outside without any worries. With it and the R2-D2 lawn ornament all your neighbors will know the Force is strong in your house and this one costs $39.99.

Fallout 4 Vault Boy Holiday Ornaments

There is a huge fandom for this game and with its recent release you probably have a lot of friends interested in it. There are four Vault Boy ornaments with Endurance, Strength, Perception and one that just wears a Santa hat to get you into the spirit of Christmas. Made out of resin, they are three and a half inches in height and have a base to allow you to keep them on your office as well after the holidays. One of them costs $17.49.

Game of Thrones White Walker Ornament

The bane of the Seven Kingdoms, – the white walkers are why everyone should be wary of the coming winter, but if you are a fan of the show you now have the opportunity to hang one from your tree. You won’t need any Valyrian steel or dragonglass to slay these ones but you do need $6.49.

Custom Minecraft Creeper Inspired Ornament

One side will look like a Minecraft Creeper for all the enthusiasts of the game out there and the other one can have whatever you wish on it since the entire paint job is made by hand. You can also customize the glitter colors and add other preferences as well, so it is quite perfect for someone who enjoys the game and you can get them for $11.00.

Doctor Who Davros Ornament

The archenemy of the Doctor and the creator of the Daleks is a genius coming from the planet Skaro and he is now an important figure in the geek culture, so if you are a fan of the series, or know someone who is, then this is a great choice as official Doctor Who merchandise that will only set you back $4.99.

Doctor Who K-9 Ornament

The robot dog was the doctor’s best friend for a long time so you should also have one. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, the cute model with his antenna ears will probably be adored by anyone and it might give you (or someone else) an incentive to watch the show. You can get one for $5.99.

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