30 Most Expensive Music Videos of All-Time

Michael Jackson & MadonnaImage via: Buzzfeed

Going through the list of the 30 most expensive videos ever will teach you a few things, among them is that Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Madonna loved spending money on big productions, and that it’s quite rare to see someone go all out on a music video in today’s musical era.

Fugees Ready or NotImage via: Youtube

30. The Fugees, Read or Not: Ready or Not aired for the first time on August 29, 1996. The song was a minor hit in the USA, but a massive hit in Europe, including no.1 in the UK. The music video is considered to be a precursor in big budget hip-hip music videos, costing $1.3 million to make at the time, which is $1.9 million in 2017 money.

The Sisters of Mercy DominionImage via: YouTube

29. The Sisters of Mercy, Dominion: One of the lesser known songs on this list, Dominion peaked at #13 on the UK Singles chart, coming out in February 1988. The impressive video which today would have been CGI’d instead of being filmed on location cost $1 million to make, just over $2 million when adjusted for inflation.