Create a Motivational Wallpaper to Inspire You

Have you ever tried to motivate yourself to do something like get in shape, save for that expensive item you’ve wanted or needed a mental kickstart at work. Creating a motivational wallpaper with your goals outlined is just the trick.

What Your Motivational Wallpaper Needs

The best way to tackle your goals and personal changes is to acknowledge them everyday whether you write them down or recite them before bed. However, writing your goals out on computer’s wallpaper will give them more visibility. As soon as your computer turns on, your goals are right there in your face.

How do you create a motivation wallpaper? First, outline what you really want to achieve whether it’s some sort of financial gain, personal change or a motivational quote that inspires you just list everything out. Arrange everything by order of their importance. You tend to notice the more important goals need to be completed a lot sooner than others. You can either be vague about your goals or extremely specific but don’t overwhelm yourself. A massive amount of goals lose meaning when they look like a lengthy to-do list.

Don’t forget to add personal improvements and motivation as well. Personal improvements should focus directly on you such as exercising more, getting in shape, mastering a particular niche. Goals on the other hand would be saving for a new car or house, getting accepted in to a college. Motivation should could consist of quotes that get you inspired, your outlook on life or why you love your job (if you don’t love your work, add “Find a better job” to the goals section).

To create the wallpaper open up your up your favorite image editor like Photoshop or Illustrator and start plunking down text on a background. Make sure you save your file at the same resolution as your monitor to ensure proper scaling. If you aren’t design savvy, you can peruse through a wide variety of motivation wallpapers from MinimalWall.