Luchadores’ The Last Supper

His name is Jesus, Jesus Christo and he’s come to kick butt and spread the word of God. This great reinterpretation Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” will surely delight non-Christians and Christians with a sense of humor.

last supper

Designed by Chris Parks of Pale Horse Designs, this image is actually separated into 12 different skateboards. There’s the Jesus man of course in the middle surrounded by his 12 apostles: Bartholomew, Jaime, Andres, Judas, Pedro, Juan, Tomás, Jaime the Greater, Felipe, Mateo, Jude and Simón. Each have very individual masks and while the colors of their robes don’t necessarily correspond with the original da Vinci piece, those familiar with the painting can surely recognize who is who.

skateboard last supper

One of the greatest things about this, aside from being on skateboards, is the fact that everything has been luchadore-ized. Instead of drinking wine, there’s Coronas, Don Julio Tequila, Tecate, Modelo Especial, Dos XX and a margarita as well as a couple apostles banging on some shots of tequila for good measure. Jesus is sipping on a Corona (the nectar of the gods apparently) and has a beef taco in his hand. Set on the table are also some more tacos, a burrito and what looks to be a plateful of enchiladas.

closeup jesus

closeup far right

Another great detail of this scene are the different hand gestures some of the apostles are making. There’s the what’s up hand sign and my personal favorite the bird. Sure, the positions aren’t perfectly representative of each apostle in the original poses, but still, these are luchadores. I’m surprised that they aren’t throwing each other on the table. Maybe that’s for “The Last Fight?”

Last Supper skateboard

Overall, this is probably one of the funniest reimaginings of “The Last Supper” and definitely one of the coolest pieces of artwork found on the back of a skateboard.

closeup Judas

closeup right

Jesus Cristo

last supper skateboard 2

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Via: Pale Horse Design