Moto X Customisable Specs Leak, Could Be Made Out of Wood?

Ever since the pre July 4th announcement of Motorola’s upcoming smartphone, the Moto X, custom specs rumours have floated, but now, we have some solid news.

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What’s the most important aspect that you consider when buying a smartphone? Most of us might say ‘the operating system’ or even, ‘the price’ but for those amongst us who are far more design oriented, their reply will be ‘what it looks like’. So when Motorola attempted to board the holiday marketing bus in the USA, taking advantage of the country’s Independence Day (July 4th) celebrations by announcing a customisable phone that’s entirely made in the US, American design fanatics jumped for joy. But just how will the Moto X be adapted to our aesthetic needs? Thanks to this new info leak, we’re about to find out.

The biggest customisable aspect on offer here is the backplate. Reported to be curved, for ergonomic purposes no doubt, the default Moto X backplate will be made of plastic. Seems like nothing to shout about? This is where the customisation comes in as this can reportedly be switched out for a backplate made of wood. The leak also said that at some point after the Moto X’s launch, backplates made out of metals (the ambiguous wording from the source suggested several types of metals would be available), ceramic and even fabric, would be on offer too.

The question is how would these materials be able to work with the other Moto X personalisation of engraving, in which users are rumoured to be able to customise their smartphone even further by choosing to etch a name or an entire message into the backplate. There’s also the question of sourcing these materials, as this could see Motorola lose their “made in America” tagline if the materials have to come from out of country .And, should they have to get the materials from elsewhere, the marketing for this resurgence in popularity could absolutely fall flat.

From the backplate material rumour, we also know that the Moto X will be released on August 23rd, a date that was initially confirmed by a leaked roadmap from Verizon, a US network, so look out for Motorola’s new smartphone at the tail end of Summer.

There are apparently even more Moto X custom specs that have yet to be revealed so keep visiting and we’ll keep you posted.

Source: techradar

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