All You Can Arcade – The Netflix of Arcade Machines?

Bringing home the arcade might take on new meaning if this new arcade rental service is a hit.

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So many arcade games to explore not enough valuable time to do so. Plus with arcade locations closing left and right these days, the chance of experiencing the traditional stand-up feel of these co-op machines – once a big driving force of the gaming industry – is getting quite rare.

If only there were a way to make the arcade come to you, instead of you coming to the arcade. Yup, you can tell already by me pondering out loud like a lunatic on the street that someone has come up with a solution, and it’s called All You Can Arcade.

Sounds sort of like a buffet, huh? But obviously, with arcade games. Well, that’s almost what this upstart service is, although keep in mind that it’s going to cost you a lot more to rent $1,000 arcade machines than it is to pig out at the Sizzler (old-school reference for the win!).

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Basically, with All You Can Arcade you can select one arcade title (or up to three) from their extensive online catalogue to be directly delivered to your home for $75 a month. Sure, more than the monthly cost of a Netflix subscription, but if you can afford it, the service has some rather neat benefits.

For one, keeping your arcade cabinet for as long as you want and when you’ve had your fun with say, Ms. Pac-Man or Bad Dudes, exchange it for another title, be it a side-scroller, racer, or whatever genre All You Can Arcade has on hand; free shipping included, which is another kick-ass bonus.

Even better, All You Can Arcade has no late fees or long term commitments, and you cancel your membership at any time. Not a bad deal all things considered. The only unfortunate part is that the service is currently limited to the San Francisco and Sacramento, California areas. Boo-urns, indeed.

Maybe in the near future they’ll have distribution centers across the country, because who wouldn’t want a hassle-free way to check out some classic arcade games in the comfort of their home like nature intended. Heck, I know I would!

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