Moto X Gets Updates to Hardware, Software, and New Promotion

In a year when it seems like all the smartphones are offering more of the same, Motorola stands out as the minimalist and shows that often, less is more.


Motorola has been a roller coaster story to follow the past few years. It seemed like Motorola was on the ropes prior to being acquired by Google for $12.5 billion. After the acquisition, the now-Google-owned Motorola went on to produce one of its most loved devices yet, the Moto X.

Wheras most other devices at the time were in an all out race to have the highest specifications and most features, the Moto X toned it all day into a “good enough” device the managed to please most owners.

The Moto X has not been a stagnant device, either. Despite Motorola’s (not yet executed) acquisition by Lenovo, the device has still recieved phenomenal support, often being amoung the first Android devices to receive updates from Google.

To reinforce that reality, there are 3 new enhancements to the Moto X program, which have all arrived at the same time. First, the Moto X is now available in 64GB, double the storage of the current model. This may be a big deal for anyone demanding more storage, since the Moto X doesn’t support removable SD cards.

Second, the Moto X has started to recieve the update to Android 4.4.3 KitKat. It isn’t available for all carrier’s yet (Sprint and Verizon are still waiting in the US). The update is mostly under the hood stuff, other than a new app, but who doesn’t like updates?

Third, Motorola started a promotion to allos customers to custom design a new Moto X (including the wood back options) and try it out for 2 weeks for a $0.01, no strings attached. If you don’t like it you can send it back for no charge (other than the penny). Unfortunately, the promotion filled its quota within a few hours of launc and is no longer available, but keep your eyes on Motorola, they have a tendency to bring back temporary promotions for longer stints.

Some prople assumed the sale was merely done for the sake of eliminating excess inventory after the closure of Motorola’s texas plant. This theory makes sense, especially considering an announcement for the Moto X+ (or the X2, or whatever it will be called) is incoming in the next few months.

Whatever the reason, the Moto X has been a very satisfying phone to many users who aren’t trying to push the bleeding edge on all fronts and merely want a reliable and affordable Android phone. If Motorola finds significant success with this sale (read: not all the devices are returned after the trial period), then this is definitely a hot deal to keep your eyes peeled for.

Source: Engadget

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