Ringly Smart Ring Buzzes when You and Your Phone Are Apart

Smart rings are not exactly a novelty, but not many pieces of jewelry equipped with electronics were built for women. After all, they should represent the main audience of such products.

Christina Mercando, Ringly’s co-founder and CEO explained the reasons why she thought of making such a smart ring: “I’m always missing calls and texts, and it started to get really frustrating to have to keep my phone out on the table at restaurants and in meetings. I thought there just has to be a better way. What if my ring told me what’s going on?”

The team that built Ringly crammed quite a lot of electronics into the ring, fact that made Mercando notice that “A ring is the smallest form factor, so if you can fit the electronics into that, you can fit them into many different things, like a watch or bracelet.” She also noticed that the fashion and the technology worlds, while having a few elements in common, look at Ringly with different eyes: “The fashion world is blown away; they can’t believe something like this exists. And the technology world is like, is that all it does?”

Logan Munro, Ringly‘s mechanical engineer and co-founder, pointed out that the wearer of the one ring has the power to decide which notifications go through: “A lot of moms will say, if the babysitter calls, that’s the only person getting through on date night.”

Mercando noticed that smart rings should be less distracting than smartphones, if they are to serve a close purpose: “The angle of this is totally something that helps you disconnect is misleading because it does notify you when things are happening and then you want to go and check. It’s helping people not worry so much about their technology and not have so much anxiety around it.”


Ringly is already available for pre-order on the company’s website for $145-180, depending on the precious or semi-precious stone it is equipped with. As far as the size is concerned, this smart ring will come in typical sizes. More over, the manufacturer claims that the first 1,000 rings sold will sport a real diamond, besides the main stone preferred by the wearer.

All in all, Ringly seems to combine fashion and technology in a unique way.

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