From Motorcycle to Rubber Chicken Launcher

On the off chance a gang of alien Everlast boxing gloves hanging from some kind of spinning device attack our planet, this high-powered rubber chicken launcher will be a major contribution to the fight.

Rubber Chicken Launcher

Made by Sean Pace, the “Rubberchickenguy” himself (seriously, that’s his SN), this truck mounted, gas-powered wheel spinning, rubber chicken chucking machine looks deadly to merry-go-rounds and Round the Rosie’s everywhere (See Video below). It’s even a bit reminiscent of Halo’s Warthog gunners when seen in action. Maybe Master Chief could use something like this in Red Vs. Blue’s next production?

Rubber Chicken Launcher Unmounted

The actual machine appears to be a junked motorcycle completley repurposed to shoot, well, rubber chickens at stuff. The front wheel was removed and the handelbars repositioned so an operator can sit facing the opposite direction while still controling the throttle,  and thus, spinning/launching rubber chickens (or whatever you manage to fit) out the chickenwire hopper loaded above the bike.

We can already tell most of this doesn’t make any bit of sense without a live visual, so definitely watch the video of this thingamajig in action below:

We certainly don’t recommend building one of these yourself, but if you have any ideas to cut down on the rubberchickenguy’s contribution to global warming, like an electric motor, you could change the face of rubber chicken launching technology as we know it.

Via: Neatorama