Wake Up To The Beautiful Acoustics: The Acoustic Alarm

The monotony of waking up every morning to the same dull beeping is not something that anyone looks forward to. Recently developed by Jamie McMahon, a new Acoustic Alarm seeks to change how people feel about being abruptly awoken in the wee early  hours of the morning.

When my alarm goes off every single morning to get me up to go running, I smack that thing as fast as I can in order to stop that annoying beeping that makes my entire being cringe with hate. I cannot stand my alarm clock, though at the same time I love it, as it does wake me up after all. I believe we all have some kind of relationship like that with our alarm clocks though. With this new alarm clock idea though, the annoying monotone beep will become a thing of the past. Sure, you could just use a CD to wake you up, or even the radio, but where is the fun in that when you can look into this fancy new Acoustic Alarm that looks like the strumming section of a guitar?

The Acoustic Alarm uses a system of circular picking in order to pluck the guitar strings seen on the front of the device. These strings can be tuned in the same way that one would tune a guitar, simply by turning the pegs on the top-left of the device to either flatten or sharpen the sound. According to McMahon, the human mind and body is affected by so many various things, and waking up to an annoying beep does not help. Replacing it with this alarm will wake one up in a much more relaxing manner using acoustic notes.

The alarm has been crafted out of some 2mm think birch plywood, as well as some walnut and stainless steel. The body is made of the birch plywood and has a clear wax in order to keep the color as well as to enhance the grain finish. The bridge, tuning pegs and strumming pick have all been made out of walnut, which offers plenty of strength where  it is most needed. The steel parts of the alarm are the actual controls for the alarm, and turning the dials on the left side sets the hour and minute for when the alarm is to go off, and a flip switch on the right side will turn the alarm on and off.

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Via: Jamie McMahon