Moveo Electric Scooter Folds up Like a Suitcase

Designers for concept vehicles are constantly faced with the challenge of making things more compact than they already are. Furthermore, they strive to find ways of incorporating alternative energy into their smart models. One example is the Moveo Electric Scooter — foldable, lightweight, and highly energy-efficient.

Moveo Foldable Scooter 1

Moveo Foldable Scooter 2

This concept vehicle from Antro Group of Hungary aims to explore the idea of an easy mode of transport for city dwellers. The Moveo has an attractive design, made of light carbon fiber, and it can easily fold to the size of a regular suitcase. After your ride, simply remove the saddle bag, fold the scooter, then roll it along as you would a trolley. The designers claim that this idea is perfect for folks riding on buses or trains, as the folded scooter won’t take up that much space when traveling.

Moveo Foldable Scooter 3

Moveo Foldable Scooter 4

The Moveo is currently still in its testing stages, and its developers hope to gain funding to help jump-start mass production of the scooter in Hungary. According to the Antro Group site, the Moveo will have a maximum weight of about 25 kilograms. It can go as fast as 45 kilometers per hour, and its battery can give you as much as 35 kilometers per charge.

The Moveo also has pedals, like a bicycle, that the rider can use when battery charge is low. The pedaling motion also helps power up the generator to extend the battery life, not to mention giving the rider a bit of a healthy workout.

The Antro Group has always envisioned modern transportation methods integrated with clean alternative energy. Among their other concepts include SOLO, a hybrid car that was launched in 2010 and was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the top 50 innovations across the globe.

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Via: Tuvie