20th Century Fox Bringing Digital Downloads To Android

One of the coolest things about buying Blu-Ray movies anymore is that while you can of course watch them on your Blu-Ray player, you can also get a digital download that can be played on your home computer or iTunes capable device such as the iPod touch or iPad.  Now it appears Android is joining the fun.

Blu-Ray has long been one of the top video technologies simply because the picture is just so clear and the sound is so realistic.  In fact, Blu-Ray has been so popular so that more and more the new video technology is being used just as its predecessor video tapes and discs were being used only better, such as the blu-ray recording LCD televisions.

Now it appears that Android is also getting into the mainstream lexicon enough that 20th Century Fox has finally decided to allow digital downloadable content that is available to watch the movies on your Android devices.  Of course you will still have to download the movies to another device like your laptop or desktop but after that you can upload it to your Android phone and watch it wherever you are.  Of course, with announcements like this, there are always going to be Caveats.  While Android users are probably rushing right out to get their favorite Fox movie on Blu-Ray, the feature is not quite available just yet.  The first movie that will have this feature made available will be X-Men: First Class when it is released on DVD and Blu-Ray this October.

Whether or not the company is going to be allowing for this kind of content to be made available on some of their more popular older titles, such as “Donnie Darko” is yet to be seen, but considering that they actually offer that title as a download only, it would seem to make a great deal of sense to offer it on Android in some way.

Considering that Android was dealt quite a blow a few days ago when they essentially lost a patent fight to Apple, the timing of the announcement seems a bit odd.  One has to wonder if Android changes their basic structure in the near future, whether the downloads that could play on Android will be rendered inoperable on the changed formats.