Batman and Superman Take On Classical Art Forms

This rather interesting statue was spotted in Rome at Villa Borghese Park near the Spanish steps.  This park acts as an outdoor Museum, in which you can find a variety of exhibitions, including  The Gallery of Modern.


This out of the ordinary statue is made from marble and designed in the style of classical art sculptures. Taking comic book superheroes and applying their personas to fine art is a risk, but perhaps that is why artists can take creative license. Although it’s not really clear what the sculptor tried to imply with this creation,  it is still creative and unique. Is this the next step in superhero fandom? Granted, these superheroes are fashioned after Greek Gods with their build and super-human powers, but this might be taking it a bit over the line.

Would this piece appeal to the traditional art collector or the comic book fiend? What are your thoughts on this piece of superhero art and would you put these geeky statues in your garden?