50 Memorable Faces Throughout Movie History

This being movie awards season and all, we thought some challenging movie quiz would be adequate. Well, instead of actually sitting down and making one, we’d search for the most suitable piece of art we could find that would also capture movie geekiness in its purest form while also offering a bit, or a bit more than a bit, of a challenge to even the most experienced couch potatoes.

So here are 50 faces from the cinema, some easier to identify than others, some pretty near to impossible for various reasons. How many can you get? If you want to finish with a score of 50, check out the cheat sheet beneath the image.

Cheat Sheet

Column 1 – Dorothy, Shaun (of the dead), Vultan (Flash Gordon), Neo, Rambo, Rick Blaine (Casablanca), Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones.

Column 2 – Conan the Barbarian, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Gizmo, Abe Sapien, Snake Plissken, Spider-Man, Oh Dae-su (Oldboy), Sarah Connor, Atticus Finch.

Column 3 – Lee (Enter the Dragon), Agent J, Paul Atreides (Dune), Robocop, Gandalf, Mathilda (Leon), Lassie, Edward Scissorhands.

Column 4 – Johnny Five, Ellen Ripley, Zorro, Maximus (Gladiator), Neytiri, R2-D2, Clarice Starling, Russell.

Column 5 – Marge Gunderson, Sloth, Zira, James Bond, The Iron Giant, Kaneda (Akira), William Wallace, Alfie Elkins.

Column 6 – Clark Kent, Ash Williams, Batman, Leeloo, The Rocketeer, Hit Girl, The Man With No Name, Barbarella, Frankenstein (Death Race 2000).

Still feeling up for some brainstorming and identifying movies? If the 1980’s is more of your thing, than the 1980’s film alphabet just might be right up your alley.