mSpot Offers The Next Big Thing In Streaming Music

The advances in internet music players over the last couple of weeks has really been quite impressive.  Now mSpot takes the next giant leap in both cloud and streaming music with the Spotter.

Of course the biggest news that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue is the new Google “Music Beta‘ that is geared towards challenging iTunes for supremacy of internet music buying and playing but if there is a program that might bridge the gap between those two programs and all others it could be the mSpot Radio Spotter.

The mSpot Radio spotter, according to the company’s press release is combination of music player, cloud music storage and streaming radio that is similar to Pandora.  The Spotter Radio is actually quite an easy program that deals with some complex issues.  When you are listening to your music, that you have stored in the mSpot cloud, the Radio Spotter will actually “listen in” and search hundreds of different internet radio stations first to identify the music you are listening to and then stations that are similar.

By using this new program you can find literally dozens of artists you may not have ever heard of who play similar tunes.  Of course, you can also choose the internet stations all by yourself quickly and easily as it will continue to update the list of stations that are available to you are the touch of a button.  Truly it appears that mSpot Spotter Radio is not truly like any other program that is out there right now.  At least there isn’t one that is identical all wrapped into one package.  Certainly you could team iTunes with Pandora and Sound Hound but you still wouldn’t really get the same effect.

Using the mSpot Spotter Radio you can literally settle in with your best pair of headphones for hours and hours of wonderful music listening.  Between the cloud based service and the ability to find tons of different artists that all match your particular tastes, it is not out of line to think that at some point mSpot could even jump ahead of Google’s Music Beta in terms of sheer popularity.  Currently the mSpot Spotter Radio is only available for Android.