Madfinger Bringing The Next Big Game To Tablets and Smartphones

It has become pretty obvious that the next landscape for great action games isn’t going to be the consoles anymore.  At least it won’t be the only great landscape.

Madfinger games, the makers of Samurai Vengeance: 2 is coming out with a new game that might even give titles like Infinity Blade and Minecraft a run for their money in the popularity game.  The gaming company has just announced their new title: Shadow Gun.  Shadow Gun will be a next generation shooter/adventure game that is expected to be such a great game not because the story line or action is all that new but rather because the graphics and gameplay will be head and shoulders above most other games made exclusively for smartphones and tablets.

Shadowgun will be made available on both Android and iOS phones and tablets, but working with the Android, the game will run on the NVIDIA Tegra super chip and will be offered on the Tegra Zone app and the Android Martket.  The graphics that are expected in this game are supposed to be so sharp and well flowing that games who are using larger screen devices such as tablets might even forget that they are using tablets and not playing the game on a console.

The story of Shadowgun has you playing as John Slade who is a professional bounty hunter that is on the prowl for Dr. Edgar Simon, who was once an employee of a massive conglomerate turned totally evil.  John “Shadowgun” Slade has to fight through a massive mountain fortress that is stocked with enemies that are robots and mutants and any manner of evil being.  This particular shooter game will be one of the best if it can truly tap into the love console gamers have for action games like this.  If the graphics on the advanced processor truly make gamers think they are using a console then Shadowgun could truly pass Infinity Blade as far as popularity.

At the very least this new game by Madfinger will add yet another in what is becoming a growing library of truly great action games that are being created for tablets and smartphones alone.