MultiPass e-ink Travelcard Could Replace Travel Tickets

To fix the issue of having so many tickets for various methods of travel, the e-ink based MultiPass travelcard could solve the problem that many commuters have.

MultiPass image

To travel anywhere with a public travel system, be it a system of buses, trains, flights or publicly available boats, can often be a hassle for those using them. Timetables are one thing to consider but then, there are often instances where you require multiple tickets, and this is even worse if you have to use multiple methods of travel during your journey. With not enough room in your wallet and not enough time or patience to manage all of the various, tiny pieces of ticket cards, the MultiPass travelcard is being developed, to make travelling easier for everyone.

With £1.1 million being given out by the Technology Strategy Board, a department of the British government designated to making travelling within the countries of Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) just that little bit easier, a breakthrough was going to be made at some point. This money was handed out to a group of companies who have settled on the MultiPass travelcard as a solution. To solve the common occurrence in Britain that you need more than one ticket to travel places, the MultiPass could cover bus, train, rail, car parking and even air travel tickets, along with the widely used oyster card (a card that was also designed to make travel easier).

The MultiPass is set to offer scannable barcodes, making it easier for ticket operators to verify the card’s validity and it may even allow users to purchase refreshments during their journey. There are plans to roll out the MultiPass in London and Glasgow in 2014, with a full roll out planned for 2015.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Wired

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