Nokia’s Mobile Businesss Absorbed By Microsoft

It’s a weird day when the third pillar of the battle of the smartphones simply ceases to exist, as its absorbed by another competitor.

TEC Nokia Camera Phone

Shareholders in Helsinki have approved a 5.4 billion euros ($7.4 billion USD) operation by which Nokia’s mobile phone business is transfered to Windows developer Microsoft, stating that the financial benefits were more important than losing a Finnish national asset (IE, the price was too good to pass).

Nokia had agreed last september to get rid of its licenses and patents after having a hard time recovering from their last start in the smartphone race. As Matti Pirkola (one of the major shareholders) put it, “I think Nokia could have chosen another option a few years ago, but now there are no other alternatives”.

What this transaction cements, though, is what might come as a solid competition against the Apple – Samsung duopoly, with their iPhones and Galaxy each as Nokia and the Windows Phones turn into one single force. If this will be enough to catch up, only time will tell.

Source: Huffington Post

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