NASA Releases New iPad App

While there are apparently not going to be any more manned expeditions to the moon for quite a while through NASA, that doesn’t mean the space agency is going dormant by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, just because NASA isn’t going back to the moon anytime soon that doesn’t mean the people with the organization are just going to be sitting on their hands.  As a matter of fact, NASA just recently said that while people might not be going back to the moon anytime soon, that doesn’t mean the group won’t be sending something up there.  Space travel is still something that people find extremely interesting because we simply don’t understand all there is out there and we don’t understand how to get out there ourselves.

One of the truly cool things about consumer technology devices like the iPad is that it can do a ton of different things.  Now thanks to both the iPad and NASA, while you won’t be able to hop on a rocket and head out to the heavens, you will be able to get a look at them in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

This particular app, known as the NASA Visualization Explorer is nothing more than an app that brings you the ability to view all sorts of research material and photographs that – up until now – was only viewed by people who were actually working at NASA.  The app allows you to scroll through several full color, photos as well as scientific data that shows just how incredible some of the photos they have managed to gather.

Even better is that the app also features several of videos and stories that show how the organization got to places where even the most hardy of explorers fears to tread.  The app, which is completely free, also says that it will be adding different stories, data and photos every week meaning that the app should never really run out of neat things to check out.  Perhaps this new app will even be able to allow us to see exactly when the apes decide to rise up against their human masters.