Portal 2 Space Sphere Cake Looks Too Real to Eat

Portal is often a favorite among geeks, no doubt partially due to its mix of humor and science-themed gameplay. Cool cakes are also surprisingly popular, which I assume has more to do with the fact that people in general tend to enjoy cakes.

This Portal 2 cake brings the best of both worlds into a truly remarkable combination. When I first discovered this cake creation, I assumed it was simply another awesome handmade Portal personality sphere. In a sense, that’s still quite true, but even looking at it after the fact, I find it hard to believe that this is a cake.

Designed by Mike’s Amazing Cakes (a worthy title), this is quite a delicious work of art. Portal 2 features a number of charming personality spheres, and this orange-tinted one is the Space Sphere who, well, talks endlessly about space. We’ve seen previous recreations of him before on Walyou, such as in these miniature Personality Spheres, but you’d be best off not eating those ones. This one, however, is made of delicious cake, and no matter how much I stare at these pictures I’m unable to tell just how much of it is cake and how much of it is decorative. The areas on the sides, upon closer look, do appear to be cake, or at least fondant rather than plastic or metal. The personality core’s “face” or “iris” is just as perplexing. It could be decorative, or it could also be edible fondant with orange stripes drawn onto it with a food pen. The most confusing of all, however, would have to be the handles. They truly appear to be crafted from metal, with rubber grips, but when you look closely you can see they’re just a tiny bit misshapen, suggesting that they too are not what they seem. If every inch of this cake is indeed made of food, then Mike’s Amazing Cakes might be an understated title for the Redmond, WA based bakery.

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