NASA’s New Z-2 Spacesuit Is The Weirdest Spacesuit Ever

In anticipation of the first manned expedition to Mars, NASA has been working on some new spacesuit ideas, out of which the Z-2 is particularly interesting.

Z-2 Spacesuit 1

What you see in the picture is the spacesuit known as the Z-2: it’s a next-gen one piece with some amazing features like allowing astronauts to slide from a pressurized vehicle into the suit by removing the life support system and the hatch cover. The Z-2 improves over the Z-1 by adding a hard torso for extra resistance, and better ergonomic shapes on the shoulders and hips.

What makes this suit really cool, though, is the crazy TRON-style lighting, which was voted by the public as the best exterior for the suit. It’s meant to provide extra visibility, but the whole thing makes it look sort of like Buzz Lightyear.

Z-2 Spacesuit 2

Source: Geekosystem

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