OMsignal’s Workout Clothes Share Biometric Data with Your Smartphone

The compression garments developed by OMsignal collect vital details about your workout and send them to your smartphone, so you can quantify yourself and your performance over various periods of time.

The term wearable tech has a more literal meaning with each passing day. Biometric sensors are moving from wristbands and smartwatches to smart clothes and socks. After all, the best way to track fitness performance is to cover as great of a body area as possible.

Stéphane Marceau, CEO and co-founder of OMsignal, explained the necessity for biometric shirts: “We’ve been wearing clothing all our lives. It’s the most natural and therefore the ultimate ‘wearable’ medium. Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will now also help motivate us to better ourselves every day. You would never drive a car without a speedometer, RPM or a fuel gauge, right? Well, with OM, you now get a dashboard to better steer your life, to increase your self-mastery, to push your fitness performance, and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Marceau also explained how the technology behind biometric sensors evolved in the recent years, and how wearables based on such sensors became a reality: “Exercise physiology research has defined human performance through intricate lab studies, but the technologies researchers use were never available for everyday and the aspiring athlete. You could never bring hospital or lab-type equipment with you on the court or track. OMsignal now makes it easy to track biometrics in real time, in real life and during sports activity. At OMsignal we’ve focused on giving consumers quality insights on performance, taking the research a step further to guide users to their peak performance.”

If it wasn’t obvious enough from the previous picture, then I’ll tell you that the OMsignal smart fitness shirts come in four styles: with long or short sleeves, with no sleeves at all and… I can’t seem to be able to pin the fourth style. Anyway, there seems to be a style and size for everybody, regardless if they’re working out indoors or outdoors.

The company is already taking pre-orders, and the biometric shirts are expected to be shipped this summer. A kit comprising a t-shirt and a smart black box that sends biometric data to your smartphone can be owned for $199, but the retail price is expected to be higher.

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