Nerdbots: Robots For Sale

A Kansas City couple has built a collection of robots out of spare parts found at antique and thrift stores, and these robots are for sale on their online shop.Robots are cool. This is a well-known truth among geeks; but Nicholas and Angela, a married couple from Kansas City, Missouri, love robots so much that they decided to try and make a living out of them by handcrafting and selling them.

The couple frequents antique shops and thrift stores to gather parts, then builds unique and intricate decorative robots out of them. Each robot has its own name, and all are for sale – but since a lot of time and effort went into these handcrafted droids, they’re a bit pricey. Ranging anywhere form $150 to $300, these Nerdbots (as dubbed by their creators) are not for the casual robot hobbyist.

For those who admire the designs but aren’t quite willing to drop a few Benjamins on something neat though purely decorative, Nicholas and Angela also sell more functional items at more moderate prices: t-shirts (in both men’s and women’s sizes), tote bags, prints, and stickers featuring some of their robots. Also, the robot-loving duo are constantly adding new designs and content to their online shop.

Nicholas’ and Angela’s Nerdbots are often on display at museums and available for purchase at festivals in Kansas City, but for those who don’t live in the area and still want to check out their wares, the robots can be viewed and purchased at their online shop at