Universes Collide – 12 Nerdgasm Causing Mashups

Sometimes there’s no real need to explain – combine comic book superheroes and villains with Star Wars characters, or someone from middle earth and someone from… Star Wars, or simply put Teen Wolf on Marty McFly’s hover-board, and you’ll get plenty of geeky smiles all around.

Dr Who Swap with Batman & Robin

Sometimes, it gets tiresome being the doctor. Cruising around the batmobile and living like Bruce Wayne for a day would be a nice vacation.

Predator vs Aunt May

Where’s Arnold when you need him?

Mickey Mouse in Escape from…

Snake is back, only he doesn’t have a shred of intimidation oozing off of him.

Teen Wolf – Back to the Future combo

80’s / Michael J. Fox nerdgasm.

Shark Fighting Batman

Jaws: The return of the Jedi Knight?

Awkward Meeting

A Star Trek – X-Men first class meeting. Girls get along better than the guys, it seems.

Boba Fett in Mordor

If only Sauron had access to the baddest mercenary in the galaxy. Alas, he had to settle for middle-earth orcs and goblins.

Hellboy as Mario, and Abe Sapien as Iron Man.

Skulls on their best behavior

They’re quite nice once you get to know them.

The Dalek Wins

Balrog vs Yoda

Pass, shall you not!

Off to meet the Wizard

A Fucking Shark Ate Me!