NES Speaker Dock for iPhone Brings the ’80s on Your Nightstand

Nintendo’s Entertainment System is an icon from the ’80s that marked many childhoods, including the one of the Brit who made an iPhone speaker dock out of a NES.

Peter Morris, the Brit behind this unique repurposed NES, is more than aware of the historical role of Nintendo’s video game console. When the Japanese manufacturer launched this console in 1985, it literally breathed new life into the then stagnant video game industry. After the North American video game crash of 1983, it certainly looked liked this industry had met its end, but Nintendo proved otherwise. Now it’s time for Peter Morris to show us that the NES can also breathe new life into the iPhone’s battery, all that while listening to music.

His NES was broken and unused, fact that determined Peter to redefine its functionality. Even the controller was repurposed, and now its buttons can be used for turning the volume up or down, and even for rewinding or fast-forwarding a song. It is a remote control, but one with limited capacity, as it’s still wired to the console. The power button on the controller can be used for turning on the iPhone speaker dock, so even that got a new function.

The light up display shows the mode, EQ, radio frequency, volume and, when the dock is off, the time. Mind you, this speaker dock was built with the iPhone in mind, but it also packs a line-in port, so it can actually be used with any MP3 player with a 3.5mm jack.

If this NES iPhone speaker dock were mass produced, it would have been cheaper, but since it is a one-of-a-kind piece, the steep price shouldn’t surprise anyone. The dock is listed on Etsy, and its creator is willing to let go of it for £185.00 (approximately $290). Make sure you visit the page of the item if you want to learn more details about it.

Now, if you decide to buy it, you need to make sure that the music you play on it matches the era this console was made in. Overall, any music from the ’80s should do (famous soundtracks, neo-progressive rock, etc), apart from the sickly-sweet romantic songs. Not at last, you could also try some game soundtracks from that time, even though 8-bit music might not tickle your ears the same way that more modern music does.

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