PS4 Console Design and Release Date Revealed

Ever since the PS4’s announcement in February, gamers have been awaiting a first look at the console, its release date and pricing and now, we have all three.

PS4 image

We gamers are an impatient bunch, we want all of our future favourite games now, we want our next-generation consoles yesterday and we want our teaser information before the games and consoles themselves have even been announced. Luckily for us, E3 is like a gaming palooza, and at Sony’s E3 press conference last night, the tech company revealed a plethora of PS4 info, which is exactly what we’ve all been hungry for.

The most anticipated moment of PS4 hardware talk at the Sony presser, was, of course, the very first look at what the console will actually look like, information that only the most tight-lipped Sony devs and workers have previously been privy to. As you can see in the images dotted throughout this post, Sony have, quite unsurprisingly, gone for a non-offending black, rectangle design for the PS4. It looks classy and stylised like a certain amount of effort and thought power has been put into it. The glossy black and flat sides will, of course, pit it directly against the Xbox One, which has a similar, yet more blocky, design. Nonetheless, the PS4 is looking good, and Sony should be proud.

PS4 image PS4 image 2

The second most important piece of data to be revealed at the press conference is just how much the PS4 will cost. Forcing Sony to price the console competitively, it seems that gamers wallets are at the forefront of their mind, as they’re offering the PS4 for a rather reasonable price. The list of prices are as follows, $399, €399 and £349. This makes the PS4 far cheaper than the $499, €499 and £429 pricing of the Xbox One, figures that were announced yesterday.

PS4 image 3

This puts the PS4 in a good position to usurp the Xbox as the winner of the next-gen of consoles but its success will only be measured once both consoles are released later this year.

E3 hasn’t ended yet so keep your clickers on walyou to read the latest news from the convention.

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