NES Laptop Mod with a Built-in Screen

It looks like your ordinary NES, but this particular mod is more than meets the eye.

NES mod with built in screen by Silius image

Large, flashy flat-screen TVs? Pssh – who needs them! Totally not this amazing gaming hardware hack by Nintendo Age forum member Silius, who cut out the display middle-man and placed a LCD inside a working NES.

Importantly, Silius hid the LCD screen laptop computer style so that it conveniently packs up for quick storage. Also because it looks mad awesome. His mod even has built-in speakers and the tape-deck cartridge loader still functions perfectly, so all it needs is a near by power outlet to start playing.

And if one does wish to hook-up to bigger screen like a caveman – good news there – the built-in display to Silius’s mean machine can be turned off and connected to a TV.

Here’s a video of Silius’s finalized version of his NES mod in fine form, playing what I’m probably sure is where his namesake is taken from, Sunsoft’s 8-bit side-scrolling shooter Journey to Silius. Not a bad choice of a namesake in my humble opinion.

Talk about improving on a sound piece of retro hardware, and if you’re looking for more sweet gaming mods like a Donkey Kong one that is immensely heartwarming, for the Doctor Who fans, a Tardis Rubik cube, and whatever else is ripe with geekery on the Internet, then be sure to keep it here on