Netflix Job Pays You to Binge Watch

Everyone loves to binge watch Netflix, but a now job posting for the streaming giant means you could actually get paid to watch!


Netflix has changed the way we watch TV forever.  Instead of watching TV or movie series one installment at a time, many people have begun watching in marathon binge sessions.  The binge watching is actually so prevalent that Netflix accounts for almost 1/3 of total internet traffic.

Despite this vast abundance of available streaming media, people don’t always know what to watch.  Netflix works hard to index all its content by relevant details like cast and crew or genre and some more adventurous viewers will even go the (sometimes risky) route of Netflix Roulette, but Netflix doesn’t have the ability to index and tag its videos in the same way as search engines like Google.  There are no robot crawlers that can watch and index movie characteristics in the same way they crawl images and text on the internet.

In what may actually seem like a dream job to some, Netflix actually employs people to watch Netflix all day and manually input tags.  Otherwise, how would Netflix recommend you watch “Witty Dysfunctional-Family TV Animated Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead”?

This is not an imaginary position staffed by Oompa Loompas, but an actual job that Netflix actually pays people to perform.  It may not be quite as cut and dry as getting paid to watch TV, although you would definitely be free to tell people that’s what you do!

The positions are titled “Taggers,” and the task is pretty self explanitory and includes perks such as free Netflix and flexible hours, but I would imagine it has an unfortunate side effect of making you despise TV.  Nevertheless, there are far worse job out there than “paid Netflix watcher.”

Netflix is currently hiring for the position in the UK/Ireland.  If you think this is your dream job, but you don’t reside in the proper country, just keep your eyes on the Netflix jobs page for any future openings.  There’s always new content coming out, so they aren’t likely to ever lose demand for new Taggers.

Source: Engadget

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