The new MacBook Air: so slim it needs a new type of USB

Design and functionality clash in the Apple camp as the company prepares its latest MacBook air, and a little revolution along with it.

MacBook Air Slim

No one would be surprised if we mentioned that Apple is constantly working on new, improved designs of their mainline products like the iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, but a new report by 9to5Mac claims that their latest revision for the MacBook will change quite a lot of what we know. Based on what they claim is inside knowledge, they’ve created a few renders that show some of what is to come.

MacBook Air Slim 1

The first thing you’ll notice is that this new MacBook is wat thiner, than before, but this thinness comes with a price: it’s so small USB ports no longer fit, therefore, the company seems ready to move to USB Type-C, a smaller type of USB port that can handle audio, video and more, and can be plugged straight to an outlet. The problem? All of your current gadgets still use USB cables, right? How are we gonna plug them to this new MacBook?

MacBook Air Slim 2

The keyboard is also reported to get some changes, but those are pretty minor in comparison, function keys and arrows are now slightly different, but fulfill the same roles we know.

We salute Apple on their pursue of better, slimmer, lighter and more powerful gadgets, but this might be the first time we wonder if it’s not getting in the way of usability. We’ll miss you, USB ports.

Via 9to5Mac

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