Sony Releases New Walkman

There was a time when the Sony Walkman was the height of mobile music technology.  There was also a time when the device was being left hopelessly in the dust.  Now it appears they are trying to get back to the head of the pack.

Of course, just because the mobile music devices known as the Walkman was being left behind, that doesn’t mean that Sony as a company was falling behind the pack.  Recognized as one of the top companies in electronics for decades, Sony has put out products like the Solar Powered Digital Media player just to show that they are among the mainstream.  Still, when we mention the Walkman, most people think only about old tech that needs to be put out to pasture.

It appears now that a couple new series of Walkman digital players might be able to make people see the future of technology when hearing this term yet again.

The Sony Walkman Series A, S and E look to jump start a new era for Sony when it comes to the Walkman with features that would actually be quite a bit better than almost any other mobile music device out there.

The first nice new feature for these particular players is that they will all feature a full color touch screen, making it easier to find your music on these devices.  These new players will also feature the ability to transfer music onto them from almost any computer, whether it is a through iTunes or through the Microsoft Music manager.  Both the A and S series of these devices also offer something that at least for now, can’t even be found on the iPod in that the players will actually be able to sync using bluetooth technology to either wireless headsets, speaker docks or car radios.

There are also fun features in these new players including the ability for the players to use the Sony SensMe technology to automatically sort your music into different “mood” categories that will allow you to easily find music for when you just want to chill out and when you need to get pumped up.