13 Funny Takes on the New Star Wars Lightsaber

While the internet had one huge nerdgasm over the new Star Wars trailer, not a lot of people were too happy with the new lightsaber, already known as the ‘crossguard lightsaber’.

‘Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens’ isn’t coming out for a whole year, but the excitement over every bit of information leaked out by J.J. Abrams causes huge title waves of reaction online.

Most people are simply excited that we’re getting a new chapter to the saga, but there were plenty of those who had to make fun of something that presents too drastic of a change in their opinion.

The One Taking it Way Too Far

Too much

The Star of David

Star of David Lightsaber

The Menorah Version


And one for Xmas as well

Holiday Lightsaber

Swiss Army Knife

The Spinning One

The Super Multi-Crossguard

The Stupid One

Lightsaber Tennis might be a Cool Sport

Tennis Lightsaber

Someone made it into a balloon animal

A Baloon Dog Lightsaber


A TV Aerial?

One that comes with IKEA instructions

The Ikea Version

But maybe it’s a good idea?

Why it's a good idea


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