Nexus 6 pictures leak: Motorola’s Shamu Nexus 6 is a reality

Up until days, hours ago, everything about the Nexus 6 was a secret. Not anymore, though, as a few pictures of the device have leaked online.


Turns out there’s a new picture going around the web now of a working version of the Nexus 6 displaying Android’s ‘About phone’ screen. Based on this, we can confirm the 5.92-inch QHD screen and rounded corners, one of Motorola’s trademarks.

Nexus 6 screen (leak)

The pictures and mock up that illustrate this story came via Android Police, who clarified that the kernel seen in these images is way more recent than previous leaks for up to two months. The official unveiling has not happened yet, but journalists around the web are reporting a possible announcement date for October 15/16.


As more pictures and information surface you can be sure we’ll let you know what’s up, after all, this is only the other second phone family with a 6th main iteration coming out this year. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t bend.

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