LG G Flex Frame: bent phones are not an accident this time

Where the iPhone 6 had issues with getting bent and cracked. the LG G Flex Frame might actually turn that into its strength. This time, the phones are supposed to be curved.


Whether or not a product will come out of this remains to be seen, but the fact is that LG has filed patents for three new model names: LG G Flex Frame, the G Frame, and F Frame. Considering LG already has a curved display smartphone on the market, the LG G Flex, media is buzzing, calling this a successor or a product in the same vein. Maybe a new family of smartphones will come out of this? They already seem to be sharing the “frame” denomination.

We had heard before that we would see an LG G Flex 2, a phone with a smaller screen which could actually be one of these, likely the G Flex Frame. The other two, though, the G Frame and F Frame have us asking questions without any certainties.

Via Ubergizmo

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