Mod Your Nexus S With This DIY Battery Cover

With Google’s latest smartphone, the Nexus S, being less than a few weeks old, we’re guessing you haven’t had time to rack up a ton complaints. The phone does sport a Super AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera, Google’s latest mobile operating system (Android 2.3) and even a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. What more could you want?

But maybe your problem isn’t with the internals of the highly sought after Nexus S. What if the phone’s texture or aesthetics just aren’t to your complete liking? Well, surprisingly, you’re not alone.

As many smartphone lovers get their hands on the Nexus S, one complaint has surfaced on the net. Some feel the glossy back battery cover of the Nexus S collects too many fingerprints and feels downright cheap. For a phone that costs over $500 out of contract, we can’t exactly blame those who feel certain aspects seem cheap. But, aside from purchasing a case, what are your options? One crafty DIYer has come up with the perfect solution.

Nexus S Rubberized Battery Cover

This Nexus S user, used a product called Plasti Dip to stabilize and reinforce the phone’s battery cover. Plasti Dip is a DIY rubberized coating that allows users to protect all kinds of objects in their home. While the product is usually applied to items like tools, the coating also makes for a nice DIY battery cover. And, not only does this coating strengthen the back, but it also removes the cover’s ability to obtain fingerprints.

Nexus S Battery Cover Verticle

Want to get in on this DIY action? Surprisingly, it’s very simple. First start by placing duct tape over the phone’s camera and flash glass. This ensures that you don’t accidentally interfere with your ability to take photos. Next simply place the Plasti Dip inside out on the battery cover. Make sure you coat the entire back. Failing to do so could cause the product to peal. You’ll want to apply more than one coat, though the exact number is pretty much up to you. Go for something that feels both solid and comfortable. Remember, you’re most likely under a two year contract. You’ll want to make sure the cover is as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Nexus S Battery Cover Jacks

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Via: The Gadgets