17 Coolest Bus Stops Around The World

Long exhausting wait on rocky chairs (if lucky) while mingling with all sorts of unhappy people exposed to harsh weather makes a bus stop hardly a place you would associate any happy memory with.If you are a student who can’t afford a car, or simply someone who wants to avoid the impossible mission of finding a parking lot, several bus stop visits a day are inevitable.

To make life of the citizens easier, authorities and urban developers around the world have tried to improve the design as well as the facility of bus stops. Some succeeded. Below is the list of 17 coolest bus stops around the world. Do let us know if we’ve missed out any.

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Bus Home

The twisting and arching creation you see here is a serious art piece of Dennis Oppenheim depicting the metamorphosis of a bus becoming a house. It serves as a bus station at Pacific View mall in Ventura, California. Standing at 36’tall, the architecture revolves 360 degrees and slowly transforms from a bus into a house.

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Casar de Cáceres Bus Station

Designed by architect Justo Garcia Rubio, Casar de Cáceres bus station is an interpretation then combination of place and tradition. The bus station is located on the children’s way to school which defines its shape as a large loop to evoke the world of children’s dreams. The construction follows the region’s tradition of using one single material for all the building’s elements, in this case, it is a sheet of white concrete, which leads to the special structure, roof and spatial limits of the new transport station.

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Liège-Guillemins Bus Stop

What looks like a glamorous architecture master piece here is actually a train cum bus station in Liège in eastern Belgium. Liège-Guillemins station was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava from steel, glass, and white concrete at the cost of € 312 million. It includes a monumental dome 200 metres long and 35 metres high. The station is one of the most important hubs of the city where it serves 36000 train commuters and 15000 bus riders a day.

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LED Monitored Bus Stop

This beautiful bus stop is found in central Seoul, South Korea as part of typical urban design of Seoul. Don’t let the graceful facade fool you, the bus stop is also modernly equipped with an LCD monitor listing the wait times of upcoming buses.

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Diet Bus Stop

A bus stop in Netherlands which doubles as a public scale will give you more motivation to get on a diet. Sit on the seat and your weight will be shown in public. It is advertising campaign by Dutch agency N=5 for Fitness First.

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Subway Bus Stop

These cool looking bus stops have gained their reputation as a symbol of Curitiba – the heaven of urban design in Brazil. The bus stop is designed like a subway station where commuters pay at the entrance so that they can walk directly on the bus. There is only one price no matter how far you go.

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PlayStation 2 Bus Stop

This Playstation bus stop was created to pay homage to PlayStation 2 and to give gamers more reason to leave their computers and go out. More than just the PS2 look, the stop also features boards with bubble wraps so that you can kill your time bursting bubbles while waiting there.

Skate Bus Stop

A bus stop in Copenhagen allows skaters to show off their latest tricks with a Quiksilver mini ramp attached to one side. There’s also a Quiksilver billboard that comes with a rail for those who have the sudden itch to grind.

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F1 Bus Stop

The fancy race car placed on top makes the harsh reality of bus riding bitter than ever. This was an advertising campaign for Formula 1 situated outside Orchard Road, Singapore. Car racing is coming to town!

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Goal Bus Stop

Even if you are not a big fan of football, you would still find this idea pretty cool. A bus station in Brazil was made over an actual size goal in a promotion for World Cup by Guarana Antarctica. A mass-consume beverage and the official sponsor of the Brazilian Soccer National Team is showcased here. Where did the resting benches go?

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Luxurious Football Bus Stop

This luxurious bus stop in near Baltasound in Unst, United Kingdom is another public privilege dedicated to the king sport. It features a TV, sofa, phone, and football-themed cushions for visitors to comfortably watch World Cup while waiting for their bus to come.

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Air-Conditioned Bus Stop

United Arab Emirates lives up to its fame as a rich oil country where its residents can enjoy the best public facilities. Even its bus stops are fully enclosed and air-conditioned! This bus stop is located next to Burj al Arab and Wild Wadi the theme park. It includes a button inside to call out to bus drivers.

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Moroccan Style Bus Stop

Jane Tinsley, a resident of Cornwall, England, was so tired of vandals destroying her local bus stop that she decided to give it a Moroccan style makeover. The dull bus stop was transformed into a unique retreat with orange terracotta paint, chic interior furnishings, and lively greenery outside.

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Japanese Fruit Bus Stops

The country of Hello Kitty continues to make us wow for the cuteness of its bus stops. They come in the shape of the most delicious fruits that we love: strawberry, orange, melon, etc. With the shapes and colors matched to details.

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Swing Bus Stop

How cool is that to kill your time while waiting at a bus stop. This swing bus stop in London is a creation of Bruno Taylor, a street artist cum guerrilla playground builder, in order to bring play back into overly serious public space nowadays.

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School Bus Bus Stop

The idea for this bus stop makeover was taken from its very own kith and kin: the school bus. The school bus bus stop is cute and whimsy, provides the riders a unique taste of the childhood.

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Green Roof Bus Stop

Bus station’s offers an ideal surface for planning. As part of a wider program aimed at increasing green roofs across South Yorkshire, Groundwork Sheffield and Sheffield’s Green Roof Forum carried out an initiative to give city bus stops’ roofs greenery. It’s a DIY initiative, everyone can help a hand to make our bus station greener and make our city more beautiful.

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