Get Inside Family Guy’s Stewie: An Anatomical Sculpt

There has been no bigger news than this for the serious collector for a while now. But what you see here is no toy, but a collector’s edition as good as it can be. One that you could photograph like a pro and post on your blog. Or prop up proudly in your display shelf. This remarkable piece of art comes from the creative genius, Jason Freeny. Artist, illustrator and plastic surgeon, he has previously worked on Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse. And now, he brings you the youngest, most famous evil genius of all time, Stewie. The family guy’s breakout character obsessed with world domination. This anatomical sculpt of young Stewie is a vinyl toy that stands at a height of about three and quarter inches. Being such a petite piece, you could imagine the diligence with which it has been shaped and chiselled. The artist- Freeny, has also autographed on the back of the tiny statuette. The Stewie figurine is up for auction and convincingly so, it has all the aspects that a collector looks for in a ‘good figure.’ With the release of the Stewie Anatomical Sculpt, Moist Productions has raised the stakes for itself with a product so witty, graphic and imaginative.

If you must look closer, one will find that the artist has keenly gone into the most minuscule details and worked to iron out any possible rough edges. The sculpt piece in one word is “perfect”. The mold has been put together in a very professional way and is fitting for, what is meant to be a, one of a kind creation. The features are delicately fashioned and are according to precise proportions. This can be particularly observed with the anatomical half of Stewie. It is perhaps, just as one would have imagined the boy genius’ insides. The minutiae have also been painted on with finesse and precision. There are no signs of ‘bleeding’ or cavities or scratches on the surface. It is completely smooth and the paint is perfectly clean. Bright and crisp as one imagine a good, new vinyl toy to be !

The articulation of the toy is supple and lubricated. The various joints of the toy are in perfect place. After the artist’s WIP routine, the toy is flawlessly new and untouched. While shipping costs an additional $12, current bidding stands at about $152. Insurance covered by seller. So what’s your quote?

I am going to get one for myself. How about you? If you are keen to learn about this art, go through Mickey Mouse Anatomy Sculpture and 32 Amazing Anatomy Designs too.