Satarii Star: A New Mobile Video Accessory

There would seem nothing extraordinary about an iPhone resting calmly on a black colored iPhone dock. The user may have docked his or her phone for charging or for transferring multimedia from their PC to their iPhone. There would seem nothing extraordinary about an iPhone resting calmly on a black colored iPhone dock, until the dock starts to swivel and follow the user automatically as they move about.Two California-based designers have designed an iPhone dock that follows the user. The Satarii Star looks like any other iPhone dock with a black colored body in matt finish and a base that can be pulled up to dock your phone. The ingenuity of the accessory lies in the fact that it can track user movements from the spot where it rests and record video in high definition.

With video recording technology being enhanced in the iPhone 4, a user could record high definition home videos using the touch sensitive phone. Though it is easy to record videos of others on the phone, recording our own videos can be a little difficult to execute. For instance, if you wish to record your own video of skateboarding tricks or a cooking demonstration, you may have to rely on a friend or set the phone at a particular angle and always be mindful of it.

The Satarii Star allows the user to record videos of themselves in motion by simply docking their phone and pressing the record button. The dock accessory can record videos of the user up to a distance of 25 feet and a 180-degree coverage angle. As the user moves to and fro the dock will follow them with the iPhone recording the entire motion.

There are two parts to the Satarii Star iPhone dock: a base that docks your phone and an intelligent tracker that the user needs to clip on. The base allows the phone to swivel and follow the user while the tracker communicates the direction to the base. With minimal set up, the user can now easily record videos of their own self.

Another intelligent feature of the Satarii Star is its portability. The mobile video accessory can be folded up and carried in the convenient confines of one’s own pocket or backpack. What this means is you can now record videos of yourself anytime anywhere.

The Satarii Star is currently in development and it may be some time before we could lay our hands in this appealing accessory.

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