Comfy Nintendo Cushions From Felt Sew Good

Sleepy gaming nerds rejoice! U.K. online shop, Felt So Good, has a range of cute gaming nostalgic cushions just for you!

Nintendo Cushion Felt So Good Image 1

Sleep is good. No. No. Wait. Let me rephrase that. Sleep is fantastic. As a duder who pretty much works 24/7 delivering fresh nerd news to you lovely readers, a sound night of sleep is really important for me to be on my A-Game like Kevin Durant in the 4th, err, I mean, like, Doctor Who besting those nasty Daleks once again. Yes, that’s it! Basketball, haha, what’s that silly nonsense. (Phew.)

Anyway, if you, enjoy your slumber like I do, how about something soft and comfy, along with a rad retro-gaming kitsch, that makes for a great bed-time companion? Then, rest your heads on one of the many delightful Nintendo-themed cushions sewn by British artist Lucy Sparrow and her online shop, Felt So Good, which focuses on geeky merchandise of the handcrafted kind.

Nintendo Game Boy Cushion Felt So Good Image 1

For for £37 each, or rather $59 USD, along with $12 USD for shipping to the U.S. of A., Lucy’s adorable cushions come based on old Nintendo systems and their iconic peripherals – the good ones of course (sorry Virtual Boy, no cushion for you) – like this cuddly Game Boy or shiny Famicom controller, which make awesome headrests for late night gaming sessions.

I’m particularly crazy-in-love with the humongous Super Nintendo controller cushion with its bright buttons – and yes, with its big-boxy matching SNES console to boot. Oh, how could I forget about you! All of  Lucy’s knitted offerings, really, are superbly cute, and from the pictures on her online shop, seem solidly constructed with a dash of love for good measure.

Nintendo SNES Cushion Felt So Good Image 1

If you look further into Lucy’s catalog of goods, you’ll also see a cushion version of the ZX Spectrum, a popular 8-bit home computer in the U.K. that some historians say launched the UK IT industry, and the Speak and Spell, that bright, yellow learning toy we tried using in the 3rd Grade to repeat naughty words. Ah, those were the good times.

Be sure to follow Lucy through her Twitter and Facebook for future fantastic items from Felt So Good, maybe those cat ears (not that I want them, maybe) and keep following Walyou for incredible Iron Man sneakers, sexy swimsuits for geek gals, and the rest of what’s hot in the known nerd universe.