Nintendo DS Cases Made To Look Like Desserts

Sweet cases for the sweetest of Nintendo portables.

Choc full of goodness Nintendo DSLite 3ds case Image

The cake is a lie. No really, it is! These delightfully looking desserts before you dear reader are completely phoney – like my avid interest in TLC’s newest reality train-wreck show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” –  and are only made to appear like something you would find at a French sweets shop.

Actually, and most whimsically – and boy do I love the whimsy – they’re Nintendo DS Lite cases designed by Esty online-shop TheOfficialKawaii. For the Japanese pop-culture uninformed, Kawaii is a native term used to describe anything cuter than a puppy riding a tricycle (I’m not sure if that’s an actual thing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.)

Do Mints your words Nintendo DS lite 3ds case Image

I’d say that’s a pretty apt name for a store that dedicates itself into making such adorable (and nom-nom-nom inducing) items; resembling delectable treats and eats such as chocolates, cookies, and strawberries. Mmmm… Yup, now would be the perfect time to wipe up the drool from the side of your mouth. It’s what I’m doing.

Ever so grapeful nintendo ds 3ds ds lite Image

TheOfficalKawaii’s cases, which can be fitted for a Nintendo 3DS upon request, are a limited bunch. And at the steal deal of $12.75 USD (shipping not included), they should hopefully go fast. Unlike the geeky topics here on Walyou – the world’s first underwater bar and nightclub or a nice Star Wars Battle of Hoth chess set for example – that last forever for your viewing pleasure.